All 360x180 Photography Includes:

  • Digital Still Photography
  • 360x180 Panorama Output
  • HTML5 Ready
  • Flash Ready (optional)
  • High/Low Resolution Output
  • Navigation
  • URL Hot Spots
  • Media Hot Spots
  • Web Ready

Installation & Function Details:

  • A 360x180 virtual panorama is easy to install on any webpage (administrator permitting).

  • Every 360x180 panorama is custom built and edited (for image enhancement, optimal output resolution, hot spot placement, optional navigation style, metadata info, etc.).

  • The panorama can simply be placed (and adjusted) anywhere on your webpage (by your web tech, or with basic knowledge of html, css or java script).

  • Panorama attributes can be easily adjusted (in the xml file) for speed of rotation, rotation direction, start point of rotation, zoom starting points, zoom restrictions, url & media modifications, etc.

  • URL Hot Spots enable the viewer to jump from one panorama to another, or to any internal /external URL.

  • Media Hot Spots enable the viewer to select a video, photography or audio file (that are embedded), with out leaving the panorama.

Photography & Delivery Details:

  • Prior to every photo shoot (if permitted), the photographer will determine the optimal time to photograph a property by asking a few specific questions.

  • At the location, a room or space will be selected for photography, and the camera will be placed in the optimal spot for capture (for each scene).

  • Before capturing the scene, the room or space will be evaluated (making sure the scene is properly staged or positioned in a way so that every object or feature benefits to the cameras view).

  • A panorama assignment may take up to 5 days for delivery (either because of prior assignments or the weight of the current assignment), but usually delivery is sooner.

  • The panorama files folder will be delivered via Dropbox (secure online storage service).

  • Payment in full is due at the time of appointment (on location).

Please read "Terms & Conditions".


Download 360 PANORAMA Info - PDF

Please call for more infomation - (626) 825-2694